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Hello and welcome to my personal website.

I am told by my bank manager that I am a complicated person because I have many fingers in many pies! I am currently a property developer, landlord, entertainments agent, sound and lighting technician and a businessman who is running Marbella-Events.com.

Basically, back in 10976, I started of life as a 3D Product Designer at Worthing College of Art & Design. This is where I met a group of musicians run by Jed Armstrong (drummer) who persuaded me to leave my 5 year course and become a professional musician. This sounded like great fun, so off I went to The Isle of Rhodes (actually it turned out to be Butlin’s at Clacton-on-Sea). Nonetheless being a musician is a brilliant job wherever you are! So this became my first full-time profession. It was here that I met  Alan Thorpe (keyboards and deceased God bless him) and he suggested we start buying up houses and letting them out for a passive income.

After Butlin’s I formed a four piece band with Alan Thorpe called “Star” – we secured a contract for Yugotours in Dubrovnik (formerly Yugoslavia) and we spent two wonderful years travelling around the beautiful islands and hotels throughout what is now called Croatia. After two years the guitarist Nigel Smith duffed me out of the band, so I decided to form my own band called “Smax”.
Smax become a very successful function band, so much so that Jim Kennedy (Entertainments Executive for Pontin’s) asked me to duplicate the band so that we could perform in several Pontins venues at the same time. Shortly after this I formed an Entertainments Company and created Heartrate Enetertainments with Jeff Wraight as my partner.


Wedding Singer – DJ – Marbella.

Paul Hart is an all round entertainer, wedding singer, DJ, based in Marbella, Andalucia.
With over thirty years of experience as a bandleader, entertainment agent, bass and guitar player and primarily a lead vocalist, Paul can insure that every event has the most suitable entertainment on the day.

Weather you require a Wedding Singer – Wedding DJ -or an acoustic / live Musician,  Paul is able to supply the best quality entertainment. Paul is based in Marbella, Andalucia near Malaga and is more than happy to travel to any part of the Costa del Sol. Or if you require someone for a special party abroad Paul is used to travelling Internationally.

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