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    Welcome to Paul Hart, music is my first love


    Warning before you buy a car or deal with Grupo Safa Motor Spain read this page.

    Don’t trust buying a car from
    Safa Motors / Safamotors

    This page has been placed on the internet as a complaint about Safa Motors.

    My Porsche Cayenne 4.5 V8 Twin Turbo – One on the best cars I have ever driven.
    It is an absolutely brilliant car and ticks every box except fuel economy!
    Oh, and its been a nightmare to own since Safa Motors have refused to put right the faults that they sold it to me with!
    First major problem from day one of purchase and a brief highlight of what happened:
    • The air-conditioning wasn’t working.
    • I was instructed to car the car to Centro Porsche Marbella http://www.porsche-marbella.com/contacto.php
    • They had the car ten days and quoted around €2500 to fix it. When I pointed out that it was like this when I purchased it they referred to the written guarantee which did not cover these componets and told me that if I wanted the car back I must pay around €400 for the diagnostic inspection.
    • They told me that I could bring my Lawyer, Police or whoever I wanted but unless I paid the fee for looking at the car I could not have it back.
    • This is when I created this website. After several months they asked me to remove this website and agreed to refund the €400 if I paid half towards the repair.
    • They had the car for another ten days and when I got it back the air-conditioning still didn’t work!
    • I returned the and to the service manager who said that perhaps it needs some air-con gas! I pointed out that this was like selling me a set of tyres without putting in any air!
    • They took the car again for another ten days and then suggested that it needed another €2600 more to fix the air-conditioning.
    • I decided to take the car to my local English mechanic who had a specialist air-con firm pass coloured smoke through the system. This showed no leaks or faults and they filled the air-conditioning with gas. The cost was €300.00 and its been working perfect ever since (five months now).

    This is just one example of why I lost my confidence in Safa Motors and started this web-page. The car has other problems that they refused to treat without more expense so the story continues………
    The main point is do not trust SafaMotors.

    In October 2012 I purchased a Porsche Cayenne from Safa Automotor Premium BMW Málaga http://www.automotorpremium.com/bmw-malaga. Being part of The Safa Motor Group http://www.gruposafamotor.com I mistakenly purchased with confidence.
    Before I purchased the car I noticed a couple of small problems and the salesman assured me that any faults with the car would be rectified and it would be sold in perfect working order. Sadly this was not the truth!

    Ventas BMW was a nice man when I was buying the car but where is he now?


    I was about to have a major operation so I purchased the car quite quickly as I wanted to treat myself and make sure my wife had a reliable car whilst I was recovering. I only managed to drive the car a couple of times before my operation and therefore didn’t notice the faults. The operation rendered me home bound for around two months. So when I finally got round to really checking the car out I discovered that it had a couple of niggling faults:

    1. The air con doesn’t work correctly and only blows cool air on the drivers side.
    2. A suspension warning light pops up every now and – then – and.
    3. The radio has poor tuning when the car is running.

    Feeling confident that I had the security of a main agent and large company, I went about contacting the garage to have the car repaired. I spent many days calling their help-line but just got an answer phone. In the end I went to the garage where I collected the car from and they gave me the same number as the answer phone service. Finally I called the Fuengirola branch and a very helpful man transferred me to the right department.

    I was then instructed to present the car to their Porsche dealer in Marbella (alarm bells started ringing!)
    I followed their instructions and took it into http://www.porsche-marbella.com/. Although they were very polite, they had the car two weeks and kept on talking about a warrantee that I had purchased for an extra €700 and infoming me that they had to check if it covered the faulty items.

    I explained that I wasn’t interested in the warrantee as this was nothing to do with the fact they had sold me a faulty car.
    The final outcome was that Porsche presented me with three quotations to repair (see attached).
    I said that I wasn’t interested in paying a penny but then they presented me with a bill for analyzing the faults.
    I ask to have the car back as it was but they said quote,

    “bring the police, your lawyer and whoever you like, but unless you pay for the inspection you won’t get your car back!”.

    I paid the bill because I needed the car for work and family. My Lawyer told me that they were in the wrong and should put the car right. She wrote and telephoned  SafaMotors but they haven’t replied.

    In the meantime I have pleasure creating this web page and letting any unsuspecting clients know just how bad you will be treated by this company! So beware you have been warned, don’t buy a second hand / used car from Premiere Motors Safa unless you have the car fully checked out before parting with your money.

    To get my car back I was held to ransom and paid this bill assessing the necessary repairs. See here bill

    €124.52 to tell me that the radio wasn’t working correctly!

    €83.01 to confirm the suspension light was faulty, and

    €38.28 to replace a light bulb that still has a warning light showing tell me it needs replacing.

    As Safa have not had the courtesy to reply or correspond, this is my of complaining.
    I hope this will give prospective customers reason to think twice before dealing with this company!
    If they choose to reply and amicably sort out these issues I will remove this page from the internet.
    Until then I intend to display their poor service and rudeness.

    4th December 2013
    The saga is still continuing.
    Since this was posted Safa asked me to settle for half the costs and remove this web-page. In order to get the problem resolved I paid half the cost and gave them the car for repair. They had the car for ten days and gave it back.
    Its still not fixed!!!!! And now they have decided it that its because it has another problem with the air-conditioning and suspension. Why did I spend all this money having it accessed and repair only to be left with the same problems!!!!!!

    Watch this space – when I get time I shall load up-date.

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